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'Safer by Design' Jumps

Patented safety cups and stands for all your training requirements. 'Safer by Design' Jumps have been enthusiastically received in the equestrian marketplace.

The latest progression in jump technology, they are manufactured from the highest grade materials, with a five-year guarantee on the jump cups themselves.

With no metal protrusions and a safer, rounded shape, these unique cups can be safely left on the uprights when they are in use as they pose no risk of injury to horse or rider.

"We tried them, we liked them!"

The Safer by Design range starter pack includes two bases, two uprights, two cups and two tops, all made from British-manufactured strong plastic material.

A satisfied customer says:
"They arrived by courier and were immediately taken out to our riding area for a 'try out'. This in itself was nice and easy as the jumps arrived in parts and were light enough to move around and simple to put together.

The jump cups are great; as the company name implies they are really safe to use. Being plastic with rounded edges, I felt confident that they would not injure our riders or horses. The uprights are sturdy and the round base makes the whole 'wing' very stable.

We changed the height of the pole and found the cups easy to adjust. They have a special trigger mechanism which means that they can be positioned at various heights and angles which is useful.

They are, as the name suggests, very safe to use and manoeuvre. We were very happy with our purchase and would recommend them highly."

For more information contact Safer by Design on 01780 782356

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